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About Milper

MILPER is a young and energetic R&D company founded in Tuzla, Istanbul in 2011. MILPER focuses on the design and development of marine propeller and shaft pairs, including both Fixed- and Controllable-Pitch Propellers (FPPs and CPPs).

Our near term goal is to focus on the projects that has not been designed and developed in Turkey through an organized project management and well-established infrastructure. MILPER’s mid-term goal is to work on various R&D projects that meets the needs of Turkish defense and shipbuilding industry.

MILPER is the center of excellence for design and development using advanced engineering packages, such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools, in addition to the company-owned proprietary applications.

MILPER established a network with national and international facilities for production and supply of support products and services. With this network, MILPER is capable of developing propeller and shaft pairs that meet the highest international standards; such as ISO, Class Certifications, and military standards.

Our Services

Propulsion Systems Design for Naval Platforms

Either complete propulsion systems or a single propeller; for a pleasure craft or a state-of-the art naval combatant; with all possible aspects such as torque, acoustics, vibration, shock, fatigue etc.

FEA/CFD Analysis

Using latest analysis assets, We are capable of making all structural and fluid dynamics analysis. Along with regular finite element solutions, We also develop custom CFD solutions using OpenFoam CFD architecture.

Exhaust Silencer Design

Exhaust silencer design and analysis are done to optimize the weight of the total system against the acoustic and thermal performance. Resulting silencer systems have better performances with smaller envelopes.

Land Platforms

Water-jet propulsion systems for amphibious land vehicles are designed and manufactured according to MIL standards with high quality, superior performance and competitive prices.


Design and validation studies within a broad range of aviation projects. The scope can range from a single turboprop aircraft to rotating-wing development; from a basic CFD to a comprehensive impact analysis.

Weapon Systems

Propulsion system and component design is handled with high accuracy for self-propelled weapon systems such as light-weight or heavy-weight torpedoes. Technologies used differ from pump-jets to contra-rotating propellers.

Torque Measurement

We are capable of measuring torque values on drive shafts, applications including marine ship shafts, prop shafts and vehicle drive shafts, diameters ranging from 90mm to 1100mm.

3D Scanning

We are committed to providing high quality 3D scanning and reverse engineering services for the best price.


Rapid prototyping is a requirement for new designs. We bring you the best quality for your 3D printed models.


Our Projects

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